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Pabrik Rokok Terbesar PT.Gudang Garam Sedang Buka Lowongan, Simak Persyaratannya

- Senin, 13 September 2021 | 22:15 WIB
Perkantoran PT Gudang Garam tbk. (Foto: istimewa.)
Perkantoran PT Gudang Garam tbk. (Foto: istimewa.)

- Lead project management and communication with cross function department and external party (ie. vendor, developers, etc.)

- Monitor project timeline and ensure the delivery is as scheduled

- Maintain regular coordination with external party during project development and maintenance

- Analyze, evaluate & reporting all digital projects


-5 - 8 years of project management experience

- Understand basic technical language to be translated to business needs

- Ability to effectively lead and energize cross functional and diverse department

- Preferable those who ever handled CRM, Loyalty Program, or Big data management project

- Has ability to ensure all the projects are done within the designated timeline


Editor: Don Oslo


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